by Kim Coetzee | Sept 27 2018 | Why Newsletters are Vital

What is it that makes people clam up the minute they need to talk to a crowd?

Avoiding the issue, has it's perks. But leaving these unreasonable fears unchallenged can have a negative impact on your business.

Particularly when you're a small business and you need to do everything yourself.


It's incredibly important to stay in touch with your clients.

The reasons behind it are numerous.  Without getting complicated, they boil down to basic human relations. Specifically yours.

It doesn't matter if you're a one man show or a multinational corporate conglomerate. We all need people to Know Like and Trust us if we're going to stay in business.

The way to do that is by communicating. Regularly!

The secret to writing a newsletter that brings in business, has as much to do with the technical side of it, as it does the content. Specifically:

  • Understanding Personalized Bulk Communication
  • Understanding The Consequences of Your Medium Choices
  • Managing Bulk Personalized Communication
  • Responding to Feedback

Understanding Personalized Bulk Communication

The first step to a successful newsletter is putting yourself in your readers shoes. Understand that when the guy gets your newsletter it's going to be addressed to him personally. He's going to think you personally wrote to him.

But that's not going to be true and he's going to realize that really soon. As soon as he realizes he will feel that the message is not for him.

Thats human instinct. "Oh, this is for someone else, I shouldn't be reading this". That process can happen in less than a second. If you haven't made him feel like the message was for him personally in that brief period of time, you will have lost him.

BUT... ALL IS NOT LOST, he will for that brief moment, remember you.

This may remind him that he actually needed to speak to you. So actually, even if your newsletter was complete drivel and won the award for worst newsletter in the world. You would still achieve the goal of being remembered.

Of course this presumes that you have a business relationship with him in the first place.

Understanding the Consequences of Your Medium Choices

*Medium* - The thing you use to transmit your message.

There are two ways to get a personalized written communication to a client. 1) On a piece of paper (a letter in an envelope) and 2) Electronically (an email). Both come with delivery challenges.

If you're sending the letter through the post there are numerous things that can stop that letter being opened and read.

  • Wrong Address
  • Postal Service Loses It
  • Secretary/Wife Throws it Out
  • It gets Wet in the Mail Box
  • The Dog Eats It
  • Your Recipient Throws It Out Unopened

These are just a few of the main reasons. For email it's gets even tougher.

  • Wrong email address
  • It gets blocked by a spam filter
  • Your URL is blacklisted and you don't know it.
  • It gets lost in recipients "inbox" and later deleted, unread.
  • Recipient deletes it by mistake.
  • Recipient thinks all email from you is junk mail.
  • Recipient cant remember you.
  • Someone else reads recipients email first and decides you're junk mail.

There are things you can do to reduce "non delivery" but remember the closer you get to personalized delivery the more expensive it gets. At the very least you need to manage your bulk communications.

Managing Bulk Personal Communications

Having a system for your bulk mail is crucial. Every step of the way needs to ensure that your recipient gets your message in a courteous and respectful way. The envelope should be clean. The name should be correctly spelled.

The mail should arrive at a convenient time. It should not be offensive. And you should take the time to make sure that he actually got the message. Did the email go through? Did the letter arrive?

Responding to Feedback

With all the management that goes into sending out bulk mail there is also the message that gets through perfectly and is responded to immediately. This is exactly what you where hoping for. So make sure that you attend to that enquiry as if that newsletter was sent to that client alone and that his enquiry was the only one you were wanting.


The more personalized your content, the more likely your recipient is to read your message. But that's a challenge when it comes to bulk mail.

Each of your clients is unique so figuring out what to say that will appeal to them individually is possibly the hardest part of a newsletter.

Which is why database management is so important. Knowing when someones birthday is. Knowing if they're parents or grandparents are just a few ways for you to connect with your clients reality.

Because even though it's a Newsletter - aka All About You, it should never be "All About You"

Every communication to your client should be about them!

It should be about how their lives can be improved. About how they benefit. Yes, it's true that your relationship with them may be at the stage where they are interested in you. When that has ocurred you can and should let them know stuff about yourself that will make them feel more connected with you.

Just make sure it's good stuff. Keep the negativity out of it.

The main thing is to make it about your client. If you keep that one simple rule foremost in your mind, you are sure to create a newsletter that your client will respond to favourably.


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