Hello I'm Kim

Here's a super quick summary of my work experience. I come from a background in public relations and administration starting just over 30 years ago, I then moved into roles that included sales and marketing, both for myself and other businesses. During this time I taught myself a couple of other things, like building websites, graphic design, bookkeeping and building databases.

Call me if you want help with your Marketing and Advertising.

If you're interested in seeing the website and graphic design work I do, hop on over to www.limencodesign.co.za


My life isn't just about marketing, I also volunteer my time to help causes close to my heart.


Handing out Booklets at Local Crime Prevention Community Meeting 2019

By following the 21 precepts in this booklet I have managed to steer clear of many of the complex unhappy situations life throws at us.

This little book has been a tremendous help in keeping me grounded for over 25 years.

Sponsoring Graphic Design and Distribution


As wonderful as technology is, it makes it easy to lose touch with the people around us. This minimizes the protection living in a community affords us. I volunteer my time to The Neighbourhood Watch to help prevent this from happening in our community.


Back in 1997 hubby and I took the plunge and committed our lives to each other.

We've now spent over 20 years building and nurturing our family, businesses and ourselves.

Together we've achieved some amazing things and together we've helped each other grow and realize many potentials. I am glad to face the future with my husband and three daughters at my side.


Through the course of work I've had the privilege of working with some great organizations and some great people.

Some organizations most of us recognize would be:

  • Sun International Sun City
  • South African National Blood Service
  • SAPS
  • Mix FM

Besides these well known names I've also helped many business achieve increased public awareness, good will and increased sales.


The first rule of working with Journalists is to never, ever forget that the Journalists priorities come first.

The benefits of achieving that kind of synergy have a tremendous impact on the hearts and minds of ones potential client.

Building the relationships that allow one to get press or media coverage is a worthwhile endeavour.

For anyone entering into this arena my advice is to understanding first what the press and media organizations need and then deliver that with honesty and integrity.


Team Work

Pulling off a well managed event is a skill worth it's weight in gold.

Having been a part of many an event I can vouch for the fact that having a team that can think on their feet is a key ingredient.

Whether you're raising blood donations, fund raising, selling cars or getting more people in front of a slot machine.

The better managed your event, the more likely you are to achieve your end goals.



A surprising turn in my career was when I was offered a weekly show on Mix FM.

For over a year I worked with this remarkable community radio station, both on air and behind the scenes helping them grow into the global phenomenon they are today.

Long Live RocknRoll


Ok in this very blurry photo I was just an audience member on the Trevor Noah show.

For the ladies out there, yes he is just as gorgeous in person, as well as.... very well mannered. (I'm giving away my age 🙂 )

Needless to say, we love Trevor and wish him everything of the best.

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